Military Benefit

Operation Ooh-Rah 
Born: August 2007

About Us~

We have a Music Fest, host community and school drives, proceeds purchase care package items to be shipped to the Armed Forces in deployment.THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT
To raise money to buy goodies for Care Boxes. To send our Very Deserving Deployed, a box FULL of "Care" that reminds them of home.
Company Overview
Planning and hosting benefits to purchase Care Boxes Items for Our Very Deserving Deployed Military Men and Women who give so much.
We Understand Freedom Has Never Been Free
A Military Benefit, that hosts fundraisers to raise money to purchase Care Box Items and get them shipped.
General Information
Founded in 2007 for my son, a United States Marine. We have expanded to ALL Branches of the Military, sending out BIG Care Boxes of about 40 pounds to each name we get of our GREAT and Brave deployed.



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